Past projects that have received funding include:

ABC for Health for HealthCheck Check Marks to provide training and information regarding

legal issues related to Badger Care / Medical assistance.

Boys & Girls Club of Dane County for Transportation and Outreach to C.O.P.S (Class on

Personal Safety) project, to promote positive interactions with law enforcement and the legal

system, and inspire investigation into law as a career.

Dane County Legal Resource Center for printing cost of the Dane County Family Resource

Booklets. Booklets will be provided free of charge to low income litigants.

Tenant Resource Center for Web Site assistance, including studio time and camera rental to

produce materials for education and information about new legislation focusing on SB107 Wis.

Act 108.

UW Law School Pro Bono Program for Adobe Captivate Software Package that will be used

to create an online, interactive ethics course for pro bono law student volunteers and the greater

pro bono community.

Workers Rights Center for the printing of basic rights information sheets in English & Spanish

and Wisconsin Workplace Rights Manuals to be distributed at trainings.